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Our live sessions are recorded by default, and used for replay during the event and/or as part of the permenant archive for our VIP level or above ticket holders. With our events being ticketed and our archives password-protected none of your conent is available to the general public, unless you give consent elsewhere for promotional use. We understand that you may still have concerns about being recorded at all and you can opt out, in which case we will ensure your live appearance is held with recording deactivated. Do you consent to video recording?

We believe every guest speaker should be compensated for their time in the event, and their promotional efforts outside the event. While we can't offer upfront payment we can provide you with 1) a free ticket for you to attend the event, and 2) a referral link to share with your audience, through which you will receive 50% of all ticket sales you send our way. Funds are disbursed at the end of the ticket refund period (30 days after the event). Our guests are now averaging referral compensation of $150 per event. Would you like to opt in and receive a referral link?

If you opt in to accept pitches a member of the AllAccessCon staff will coordinate pitch logistics on your behalf, and you affirm that you will advise AllAccessCon of your availability with updates if needed.

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Do you have a product release scheduled close to the event? If so, are you interested in holding a release party, giveaway, presenation, performance, or some other activity as an official product launch during the event?

Event participants are eleigable to use our platform for various types of promotional appearances before, during, and after the event. Please select which options best suit you.

Are there any guests you would like to be on programming with? If they are not already part of our participant lineup we can approach them about availability to either appear live or do a recording with you beforehand.

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