Is there any ONE simple step to make connecting to Hopin as a speaker trouble-free?

If you are using a laptop or desktop device it is strongly recommended that you restart your computer before connecting to Hopin, especially if you are using an older model.

The event organizers behind AllAccessCon are using a 2011 MacBook and a 2013 MacBook respectively, so it can most definitely be done on out-of-date devices.

But we do restart our computers before logging into the event. We had to learn this the hard way. Why is that?

The developers have been great about updating the system and giving us support, and the Hopin platform is super high-powered, but even with all the improvements in their system (and high-speed internet infrastructure in general) since we backed their prelaunch beta in late 2019…the volume of internet traffic changes so rapidly, and your local internet provider can encounter trouble or be doing maintenance.

You need you computer to be refreshed and functioning at max ability in order to handle any fluctuations.