Is signing up for a Hopin account the same as registering for an event?

The Hopin event platform reuires you set up an account. This is where ticket registrations are stored, alongside the contact information you might have saved after meeting somebody in the Networking area of our events. Your account also allows you to customize your name and profile pic. Creating and maintaining a Hopin account is free, and once you have one you never need to go through the process again. You will need to be signed in to your Hopin account during any events you wish to attend.

Even if the event is free to attend a ticket is required. The ticketing system prevents spam comments from bots, and disallows the "Zoom bombing" that has plagued so many other online events.

Once you have claimed your ticket you can participate in the live event, or if you're a speaker you can not only attend the public-facing event but you can also enter the backstage area to connect your audio and video to the system away from public view.

Please ensure you have completed both steps in the process by creating an account and getting a ticket prior to entering any of the event areas.

Note: if attending an event using the mobile app you must first register by accessing the registration page on a web browser!

Last updated on 11th May 2021