How can I solve audio problems?

If someone cannot hear when everyone else can, turn up your speaker and be sure there’s not another tab open.

Be sure that there is only one Hopin tab that has video open.

If you are a speaker and are live onscreen with the backstage open in one tab, and the live event video of you streaming in another tab, there will feedback. Please only keep the backstage open.

There is a lag of about 5 seconds between what is happening live backstage and the video stream reaching the audience. If you are a speaker and there is an echo you either have two live video tabs open, or need to use headphones. Not every computer setup reuires headphones; we usually test your setup and work this out during the onboarding process.

After changing the camera and/or audio access permissions you'll need to refresh your browser. Also, if you connect or disconnect headphones you'll need to refresh your browser.