How can I solve audio problems?

If someone cannot hear when everyone else can turn up your speakers and ensure other programs are not currently accessing your camera and/or mic.

Be sure that there is only one Hopin tab that has video open. Also, if you've attended an event on Hopin previously and muted the event at that time, the browser will retain the mute setting. Check your browser tab for a symbol indicating that tab is muted.

Third-party browser plugins can interfere so try loading the event in a private window or incognito mode.

If you are a speaker and are live onscreen with the backstage open in one tab, and the live event video of you streaming in another tab, there will feedback and/or echoing. Please only keep the backstage open.

There is a lag of about 5-10 seconds between what is happening live backstage and the video stream reaching the audience. If you are a speaker and there is an echo you either have two live video tabs open, or need to use headphones. Not every computer setup reuires headphones; we usually test your setup and work this out during the onboarding process.

If you change your camera or mic connections after having already granted video and/or audio access permissions you'll need to refresh your browser. Also, if you connect or disconnect headphones you'll need to refresh your browser.

If refreshing your browser doesn't work you might need to reload the tab without the browser cache, which can be accomplished on Mac by hitting Shift+Command+R or on Windows by hitting Control+R.

When neither browser refresh resolves the problem you should try restarting the browser entirely. Please remember that when your browser restarts you might need to log in to your Hopin account again, and if the session you were attending was moderated you might need to request permission to rejoin the session.