What system software do I need?

Even though Hopin is cloud-based, if you're on a PC use Windows 10. Mac users should be okay. Read more for full operating system troubleshooting.

Is signing up for a Hopin account the same as registering for an event?

No. You do need a Hopin account to claim your ticket, but without a ticket you won't be able to access the event.

Do I need a good internet connection to participate in the event?

It helps, especially if you're appearing onscreen as a guest speaker. Read the full tech specs below.

How can I solve audio problems?

Make sure your volume is up, only have one tab with Hopin audio open, try using headphones, and if you change audio/camera settings or headphone connectivity you need to refresh your browser.

What browsers are compatible with the Hopin live event platform?

Chrome is preferred, with Firefox also recommended. Find troubleshooting tips below.